New Office Fitout

This is what I started with on the 7th April 2016. A nice office that has not been occupied for about a year.

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WP_20160409_16_25_18_ProLooking through the front door.


WP_20160409_16_25_04_ProTaken from the doorway.


WP_20160409_16_24_28_ProThe main office area.


WP_20160404_15_54_11_ProLooking back towards the front door, you can see the kitchen which is in darkness.


ServerRoomBuildThe server room walls going up, and a new entrance to the kitchen area. The door in the kitchen gets dead bolted so it can not be accessed.



ServerRoomDoorFittedA couple of photos of the server room and kitchen walls completed and painting has begun.


CableTrayInstallStart1Hanging of the cable trays in the Server room begins


CableTrayAlmostFinished1Cable tray install continues



Cable tray installation completed.



Some painting completed and the work bench moved from the old office at 49 Hay St and in the process of being reassembled.


WP_20160501_18_02_03_ProThe workbench back together and some storage shelving installed.


WP_20160503_15_58_38_ProThe new Power Board installed.


WP_20160428_19_28_52_ProThe first rack in place with network and power cabling.


WP_20160509_16_56_03_ProThe small 3.5kw air con moved from the server room to the main office area.


WP_20160509_16_55_50_ProThe first 7.1kw air con installed into the server room.


WP_20160506_14_29_49_Pro WP_20160506_14_29_25_ProSmart card readers installed on front and server room doors.


WP_20160509_14_16_45_ProFront door and glass cleaned of existing tint and blinds and ready for the sign writers to put on the white frosting and company name and logo.


There is still a bit to happen before the final move of the servers on the evening of the 26th May.


Update 7th June 2016


FrontDoorSign writing and frosting of the windows has now been completed.